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Taking a Train Across Canada

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Taking a train across this vast country is an experience of a lifetime and is a prime example of the expression “when the journey is the destination…” Building the railroad all across Canada and especially through the massive Rocky Mountains was not only an equally massive engineering feat of the century, but also a necessity to keep the natural resource-rich West connected to the rest of the country.

While Canadian Pacific Railway now only transports freight, trains operated by VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer will showcase the vast diversity of Canada to travellers and locals alike – while enjoying creature comforts such as elevated local cuisine and wines, comfy cabins and beds, all with commentary and entertainment to boot.

Train travel in Canada is another area we specialize in, so do get in touch to plan your next great train journey with us.

Insider Tip: Train travel in Canada is immensely popular and peak dates often sell out months in advance. Plan this trip early!

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