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Hi, I'm Anjuli - owner & founder of Canada Revealed

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I am so glad you are here and would be thrilled to help you plan a truly unforgettable trip to Canada!


A little about me: although I was only born but not raised here (it's a long story), I have come to love this immensely diverse country that is Canada since I moved here from Germany in the early 2000's (ja, ich spreche deutsch und bin gerne bereit, die Beratungsgespräche auch auf deutsch zu halten!). Well, what can I say, I got stuck here in Vancouver - how could I not? A multicultural city with the most beautiful and wild surroundings - mountains to snowboard down, temperate rainforests to hike through, ocean, rivers & lakes to kayak and boat on and wildlife like bears and whales to view - all a hop, skip and a jump from my home. And since I'm also a huge foodie, the amazing restaurants this city boasts added the rest... Welcome home to me!


Having travelled all over the country, from coast to coast to coast, I've not only discovered the enormous variety of experiences Canada has to offer, but also how to go about finding them and stringing them together into a seamless itinerary. And almost 20 years later, I've professionally planned over 2000 Canada trips for my clients from all over the world! As everyone, I have my passions that have led to some specializations - wildlife viewing and remote lodges, train travel and off-the-beaten path experiences like Arctic expedition cruises and safaris and remote kayaking. 

After working for local tour companies and tourism bureaus for nearly two decades, Canada Revealed was born out of the expertise I gained and the passion I developed for exploring this beautiful country. I approach each itinerary with knowledge, meticulous attention to detail and most importantly - my clients' interests and preferences. I find out what rocks their world and gets them excited, and ensure this is reflected in their vacations. I make honest and unbiased recommendations so my clients return home with nothing but exciting stories and beautiful memories. 

A Better Way to Plan Your Trip

We combine local Canadian travel expertise with personalization and flexibility, ensuring you get exactly the trip you want. No cookie-cutter itineraries here. 


We are Canada Lovers and Travel Experts

Located in gorgeous Vancouver, BC, we want to showcase our beautiful country and all its diversity to the world! We have worked in the travel industry for nearly two decades and have created over 2000 custom trips for visitors to Canada and Canadians alike.

You reap the benefits of our immense knowledge and passion. Epic off-the-beaten-path road trip, or a once-in-a-lifetime grizzly (or polar bear) viewing? Aurora Borealis or Arctic expedition cruise? Bucket List hike or kayaking trip? A journey across the entire country by train, exploring national parks and Canada’s metropolitan cities? The list goes on and on (and on and on) and we’ve got you covered – from coast to coast to coast!

P.S. Every image on our website was taken on our own travels across this great country of ours.

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We Take Time Saving and Personalization to
a Whole New Level

We use our tried and tested process to explore together with you what your ideal Canada trip looks like.

Our personalized Trip Planning service ensures a fun and efficient trip planning experience. In fact, we believe it’s the missing puzzle piece to your perfect Canada vacation. Have some experiences or locations in mind but don’t know how to tie them together? Or maybe you know you want to come to Canada but just don't know where to start, or which region or experience is best suited to you? Say goodbye to hours of reading through travel guides, online blogs and reviews. Say hello to a call and form to fill out, and that’s it… If your time is worth more to you than what we charge, you’ve already won!


Wondering if Canada Revealed is for you?

Come say hello on a short no-obligation free Consult or check out our FAQs.

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