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Epic Road Trips

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Road trips carry a special kind of excitement with them. Some people love to plan each day ahead, others like to see where the road might take them. No matter how (un)planned your road trip may be, it’s always accompanied by a feeling of heading into the unknown, unsure what you might see around the next corner, or what surprise might be waiting on the drive ahead.

Canada’s vast open spaces and diversity of landscapes and cultures make it the perfect destination for epic road trips and the choices are as endless as this county’s variety. Explore British Columbia’s North and the Yukon, or BC’s interior Okanagan Valley for outstanding wines (hidden gem alert!) on your way to the massive Rockies. Discover Quebec’s countryside and rich culture, heritage and food as you venture to lesser known areas such as the Eastern Townships or the Charlevoix. Get off the beaten path with circumnavigation of the Gaspé Peninsula or discovering Ontario’s Mennonite villages and the call of the loon in Lake Country. Look forward to a charming maritime experience in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island or exploring Newfoundland’s wild rugged landscape.

While it's important to leave room for spontaneity on these kinds of trips, "make or breaks" (accommodations, rental car & must-do experiences) should be booked well in advance. Chances are, we’ve done the trip you’re thinking about, so ask us to put together your itinerary and add a little known to the unknown.

Empty road framed by fall colours in British Columbia

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