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  • Is Canada Revealed for me?
    You know you want to visit Canada, but don’t know where to start and dread the hours of research it’s going to take to plan the perfect trip? Or maybe you’ve contacted a tour company for a quote and were just a tad bit sticker shocked and think you can do better? You’ve come to the right place! Canada Revealed combines insider knowledge and expertise in all things Canada. We’ll create a trip that matches your interests & needs, while providing full price transparency of individual components. You no longer have to choose between online rabbit holes and algorithms and marked up vacation packages. We offer all the advantages and none of the disadvantages in our unique approach to travel planning. It’s the missing puzzle piece to your perfect trip. If you: Feel overwhelmed and frustrated by research because reading through detailed tour guides and hundreds of online reviews is not only very time consuming, but can get really confusing… Feel like you can’t trust recommendations you're getting to have your best interest at heart because they may be limited or biased and not based on true insider knowledge of Canada... Feel unsure or out of control when you get quotes for a custom Canada vacation because while you value a personalized trip planning approach, you know you are about to pay a hefty markup and hidden fees, especially when you are not provided with an itemized breakdown of the cost of the trip... ...then, Canada Revealed is for you!
  • I love planning my own trips - why should I pay you to do it for me?
    While a lot of people enjoy the inspirational part of travel, doing destination research and planning trip logistics can be exhausting and confusing at best, and induce anxiety or a complete inability to make decisions at worst. And let’s be honest, poor planning, or worse - no planning, can have dire consequences, especially in the current environment of increased travel demand: from missing out on experiences you had your heart set on to ruining an entire vacation. Canada is certainly not a last-minute destination and careful planning coupled with insider knowledge around key experiences and how to make the most of your vacation will save you a lot of time and stress. Let us string together all your ideas and dreams into an itinerary that optimizes your time and minimizes your hassle.
  • How are you different from a conventional tour company?
    Tour companies that present you with a package price for all your trip components will usually not give you a price breakdown. Otherwise you’d see the pretty big gap between what your trip actually costs and what they are charging you – markups of 15-40% are industry standard. Granted, they provide full service from start to finish, and often do a really good job at that – but wouldn’t you rather make an informed decision around what you want included in your vacation in addition to getting the personalized service and destination expertise? At Canada Revealed, we take a completely transparent approach: We charge a flat fee for planning, no matter the length or cost of your trip and that's it. You'll see what each trip component costs in your initial quote - no hidden fees, no markups. We do not try to make it look like you’re getting the planning for free when all the while it’s actually “caked” into a marked-up package price, keeping you in the dark on how much you are paying for what. We offer the same (and oftentimes, better!) personalization & expertise and throw in price transparency to boot.
  • Why do I have to pay upfront for trip planning?
    Taking the time to truly understand your wants, needs and dreams for your ideal vacation in addition to creating your itinerary ensures our service commitment to you. You are not obligated to book your trip through us (although we hope you will!), so we require the full amount of the trip planning fee upfront to cover our time investment.
  • Why do I have more cancellation flexibility if I plan my trip through you vs. a conventional tour company?
    This is a great question! Take a custom package vacation you purchase from a tour company - it includes accommodation, activities, transportation etc. Each component has its own individual cancellation policy based on the contract the service provider has with the tour company. But because you are paying for your entire trip with the tour company and not the service provider, the tour company gives you the least favourable cancellation policy of all the individual components and applies this to your entire package. While hotels and activities included in your package can usually be cancelled without or little penalty up until a few days prior (and often don't require pre-payment), other components such as a scenic train ride or multi-day tours such as a kayaking expedition require non-refundable deposits at time of booking and non-refundable full payment a few months out. The tour company you booked through will not dissect your package to let you know how much of what you paid is refundable and how much isn't, as this would involve a lot of resources and the need to disclose how much they are actually charging you for each individual trip component and their services. At Canada Revealed, it's very simple - we (or you) book each component individually and see the individual cancellation policy when we book. We can make an informed decision around booking a lower, non-refundable room rate, or a higher flexible one, in which case you don't even pay until arrival (or when you pass the cancellation deadline). Some components, such as the ones mentioned above, may require a deposit at time of booking and do not offer refunds. But again, they usually only make up part of your itinerary and you're not out the entire cost of the trip.
  • Why should I book with Canada Revealed?
    It's simple: We are a boutique travel company that specializes in Canada and has your interests front of mind. No itinerary is the same, as no traveler is the same. Nobody knows Canada the way we do - from years of professionally planning itineraries and personal experience. We've worked hard over the years to forge connections with industry partners, ensuring the best service possible to our clients. Plus, as an affiliate of a Virtuoso member agency, you get all the Virtuoso perks at partner properties!
  • What if I only want to plan my trip now but I’m not ready to book it yet?
    No problem at all! You’re in control of when you book which parts of your trip. We’re here to help you get all the moving parts make sense and into a seamless itinerary. That being said, the current travel environment has changed - demand has skyrocketed as most people feel safe to travel again. This has created a serious crunch for availability and we will always recommend to book as soon as possible as availability cannot be guaranteed until a trip is booked and confirmed.
  • What if I find out I’m not eligible to enter Canada after I’ve paid for your service - do you offer refunds?
    As with all travel, it is your responsibility to ensure you meet all current requirements to enter a country you are planning to travel to, including any visas or vaccinations. We are happy to assist where we can in helping you find this information, however once our services have been provided, we do not offer refunds. We will, however, be happy to revise your itinerary for a later date.
  • What if I can’t go on my trip I’ve planned with you because of various travel restrictions or a personal matter?
    While travel restrictions due to the pandemic have largely been lifted now, if we've learned anything from the past few years is that you never know what may happen in the future. And of course there's the question around getting sick before your trip or other emergencies that prevent you from traveling. The beauty of our approach of booking trip components directly with the suppliers is that it allows for the best cancellation policies. If you have any reason to believe you might have to cancel your trip, we recommend booking flexible rates wherever possible, even when the non-refundable rates save you a bit of money - you’ll be happy you did if you do have to cancel! The other option would be to purchase trip cancellation insurance for any non-refundable components of your trip to protect you from the unexpected. Please ask if this is of interest as we have a lot of experience with travel insurance companies and can give you valuable tips on the subject. So, if you find yourself in the situation that you are not able to travel, you can simply cancel or postpone each refundable component and claim any non-refundable items through trip cancellation insurance (if you're cancelling for a reason covered by the policy) and re-book your trip when you are ready to travel again.
  • Should I purchase trip cancellation insurance?
    This very much depends on your comfort level as well as how much of your itinerary is actually non-refundable. If your itinerary includes high-ticket items such as a luxury train ride or other non-refundable items, an insurance policy is certainly a good idea. Most trip cancellation policies also allow for interruption, i.e. if something happens during your trip that prevents you from completing it and is listed as a covered reason in your policy, you'll be reimbursed for any unused pre-paid, non-refundable parts of your trip. Feel free to ask about details of trip cancellation insurance on your call and we'll give you honest advice based on decades of experience.
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